This section contains information on the scm component for the Vela server.

This component is responsible for integrating with a source control management (SCM) system based off the configuration provided.

The SCM system is used by Vela for both authentication and authorization of interactions performed within the application.

Authentication Workflow


The following options are used to configure the component:

NameDescriptionRequiredDefaultEnvironment Variables
scm.addrfully qualified url for the SCMtruehttps://github.comSCM_ADDR
scm.clientclient ID from the generated OAuth application on the SCMtrueN/ASCM_CLIENT
scm.contextmessage to set in commit status on the SCMtruecontinuous-integration/velaSCM_CONTEXT
scm.drivertype of client to control and operate SCMtruegithubSCM_DRIVER
scm.scopespermission scopes to apply for the OAuth credentials on the SCMtrue[ repo, repo:status, user:email, read:user, read:org ]SCM_SCOPES
scm.secretclient secret from the generated OAuth application on the SCMtrueN/ASCM_SECRET
scm.webhook.addrurl for webhooks on the SCM to send requests tofalsethe address of the Vela server ($VELA_ADDR)SCM_WEBHOOK_ADDR


The following drivers are available to configure the component:

githubuses a GitHub or GitHug Enterprise Server for the SCM


From the GitHub official website:

GitHub is where the world builds software. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub—the largest and most advanced development platform in the world.

The below configuration displays an example of creating a GitHub OAuth application:

OAuth Application

GitHub Enterprise Server

From the GitHub Enterprise official website:

GitHub Enterprise Server is your organization’s private copy of GitHub contained within a virtual appliance, hosted on premises or in the cloud, that you configure and control.

The below configuration displays an example of creating a GitHub Enterprise Server OAuth application:

OAuth Application