Token Manager

This section contains information on the token manager component for the Vela server.

This component is responsible for generating and validating JWT tokens shared between the Vela server, workers, and users based off the configuration provided.

The token manager is designed to ensure secure interactions with the server and protect build resources.


The following options are used to configure the component:

NameDescriptionRequiredDefaultEnvironment Variables
vela-server-private-keyprivate key used for signing and validating all JWT tokenstrueN/AVELA_SERVER_PRIVATE_KEY
user-access-token-durationmaximum duration of time a Vela access token for a user is valid on the servertrue15mVELA_USER_ACCESS_TOKEN_DURATION
user-refresh-token-durationmaximum duration of time a Vela refresh token for a user is valid on the servertrue8hVELA_USER_ACCESS_TOKEN_DURATION
build-token-buffer-durationmaximum duration of time a Vela build token for a build extends beyond the repo build limit to maintain validity on the servertrue5mVELA_BUILD_TOKEN_BUFFER_DURATION
worker-auth-token-durationmaximum duration of time an auth token for a worker is valid on the serverfalse*20mVELA_WORKER_AUTH_TOKEN_DURATION
worker-register-token-durationmaximum duration of time a registration token for a worker is valid on the serverfalse*1mVELA_WORKER_REGISTER_TOKEN_DURATION