Learn how to list metrics.


GET  /metrics

Query Parameters

The following parameters are used to configure the endpoint:

Query ParameterDescription
user_countcount of total users
repo_countcount of total repos
build_countcount of total builds
running_build_countcount of builds with status ‘running’
failure_build_countcount of builds with status ‘failure’
pending_build_countcount of builds with status ‘pending’
queued_build_countcount of builds inside the queue
killed_build_countcount of builds with status ‘killed’
success_build_countcount of builds with status ‘success’
error_build_countcount of builds with status ’error'
step_image_countcount of total steps executed with each unique image
step_status_countcount of total steps with each status
service_image_countcount of total services executed with each unique image
service_status_countcount of total services with each status
worker_build_limitcount of worker build limits
active_worker_countcount of active workers
inactive_worker_countcount of inactive workers
idle_worker_countcount of workers with a status of idle (no running builds)
available_worker_countcount of workers with a status of available (one or more available executors)
busy_worker_countcount of workers with a status of busy (no available executors)
error_worker_countcount of workers with a status of error


No permission restrictions for this endpoint.


Status CodeDescription
200indicates the request has succeeded
500indicates a server failure while processing the request



curl \
  -X GET \


# HELP go_gc_duration_seconds A summary of the pause duration of garbage collection cycles.
# TYPE go_gc_duration_seconds summary
go_gc_duration_seconds{quantile="0"} 4.0986e-05
# TYPE vela_totals gauge
vela_totals{field="status",resource="build",value="pending"} 31