Learn how to sync org repos with SCM.


GET  /api/v1/scm/orgs/:org/sync


The following parameters are used to configure the endpoint:

orgname of organization


Status CodeDescription
200indicates the request has succeeded
401indicates the user does not have proper permissions


The sync-all endpoint allows users to re-align their organization’s repositories in Vela with their SCM mirror. This discrepancy can come in the form of a repository that has been deleted from the SCM but not in Vela.

Further, as of v0.19.0, the sync-all endpoint can be used to adjust events that are sent to Vela from the SCM that the Vela-instance of the repo is not subscribed to. For example, if your audit page has errors like

"unable to process webhook: <org>/<repo> does not have comment events enabled"

hitting the sync-all endpoint should re-configure the SCM webhook for all repos in the organization to only send events that are allowed. Once aligned, you should not have to hit this endpoint again, even if the subscribed events are changed.



curl \
  -X PATCH \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" \


org "github" synced
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