Learn how to modify a repo.


$ vela update repo <parameters...> <arguments...>


The following parameters are used to configure the command:

NameDescriptionEnvironment Variables
orgname of organization for the repositoryVELA_ORG, REPO_ORG
reponame of repositoryVELA_REPO, REPO_NAME
branchdefault branch for the repositoryVELA_BRANCH, REPO_BRANCH
linkfull URL for the repositoryVELA_LINK, REPO_LINK
cloneclone URL for the repositoryVELA_CLONE, REPO_CLONE
visibilityaccess level required to view the repositoryVELA_VISIBILITY, REPO_VISIBILITY
build.limitlimit of concurrent builds allowed for repositoryVELA_BUILD_LIMIT, REPO_BUILD_LIMIT
timeoutmax time allowed per buildVELA_TIMEOUT, REPO_TIMEOUT
counterset a value for a new build numberVELA_COUNTER, REPO_COUNTER
privatedisables public access to the repositoryVELA_PRIVATE, REPO_PRIVATE
trustedelevates permissions for builds for the repositoryVELA_TRUSTED, REPO_TRUSTED
activeenables/disables the repositoryVELA_ACTIVE, REPO_ACTIVE
eventevents to trigger builds for the repositoryVELA_EVENTS, REPO_EVENTS
pipeline-typetype of base pipeline for the compiler to renderVELA_PIPELINE_TYPE, PIPELINE_TYPE
outputformat the output for the repositoryVELA_OUTPUT, REPO_OUTPUT





$ pwd
$ vela update repo --event tag

Targeted Request

$ vela update repo --org github --repo octocat --event tag


id: 1
userid: 1
org: github
name: octocat
fullname: github/octocat
link: https://github.com/github/octocat
clone: https://github.com/github/octocat.git
branch: main
buildlimit: 10
timeout: 60
counter: 0
visibility: public
private: false
trusted: false
active: true
allowpull: true
allowpush: true
allowdeploy: false
allowtag: true
allowcomment: false
allowevents: [tag]
pipelinetype: yaml