Learn about steps pipelines.

A steps pipeline is designed to run a sequential set of tasks.

These pipelines do not have a minimum defined length and steps will always execute in the order defined.

In this pipeline each step is shown with the minimum required YAML tags to execute a step.

Both steps are pulling a Alpine Linux image from Docker Hub and executing echo statements.

See it in action with examples!

version: "1"

# In this pipeline, commands are executed inside the container as the Entrypoint.
# If any command returns a non-zero exit code, the pipeline fails and exits.

  - name: Greeting
    image: alpine
      - echo "Hello, World"

  - name: Welcome
    image: alpine
      - echo "Welcome to the Vela docs"
$ vela exec pipeline
[stage: ][step: Greeting] $ echo "Hello, World"
[stage: ][step: Greeting] Hello, World
[stage: ][step: Welcome] $ echo "Welcome to the Vela docs"
[stage: ][step: Welcome] Welcome to the Vela docs  

Tag references:

name:, image:, commands:,