This section contains information on how to use Vela.


View example pipelines for a quick start.


Authenticate to your Vela instance.


Show off your build status.

Building Docker Images

Understanding the options for how to build a Dockerfile

Enable a Repo

Learn how to add your first repo.

JSON Schema support

JSON Schema information.

Managing Deployments

Learn about how to leverage deployments for your builds

OpenID Connect

Learn how to leverage OpenID Connect for cloud services.

Pull Policies

Learn how to control pulling images in your pipeline.

Repository Settings

Learn about Vela repository settings.


Learn about the authorization roles.

Scheduling a Build

Schedule builds for your repo.


Learn about internal Vela secrets.

Skipping a Build

Skip builds for certain commits.

Stage Orchestration

Learn how to orchestrate pipelines with stages.

Start a Build

Start a build for the first time.

Understanding the Workspace

Shared directory that all build steps begin at.

Using the Environment

Learn about how to leverage the environment within your builds.

Working with plugins

Walkthrough of an example using pipeline and secret plugins working together